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The first start of our business journey was in 1990 by opening a small store selling food items individually (retail) in the Shorja area. This area was the main and first commercial center in all of Iraq. 
The basic pillar that we work on was and still is the main reason for the development of our company, which is that (the consumer does not have to come to us, but rather we are the ones who must reach him, no matter how close or far his location is). From this standpoint, many customers and consumers were attracted, and as a result, our progress was and continues to be. It depends on both methods


Horizontal spread:

(supermarket - mini market - mall) is the secret to building a strategic foundation for any product that we market or distribute because with this spread we can deliver our products to the largest number of consumers. This marketing method lays a basic foundation for us by creating a large market from a segment. Merchants and companies or


Vertical distribution:

which is marketing based on merchants and companies, as we mentioned above.

resounding success of our company, a second branch was opened in Iraqi Kurdistan (Erbil - Italian Village 1 - Villa No. 490) to lead marketing and sales for the governorates of (Erbil, Dohuk, Sulaymaniyah, Mosul and Kirkuk, and the third branch in Basra to lead the southern governorates (Basra - Maysan - Nasiriyah - Samawah and the fourth branch in Najaf to lead the central governorates (Najaf, Hilla, Karbala (Diwaniyah) while providing all marketing and sales requirements for each branch in terms of a good number of cashvan cars) and a trained sales staff (men and women distributed throughout all governorates of Iraq.

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